Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to save money while traveling in Japan?

Kena dah~~ Pasti tertarik kan baca tajuk entry?

Assalamu'alaikum to Muslim readers.

So my life in Japan is about to reach to the end, and I am going back to Malaysia.
While staying here for 3 months, I learned a lot on how to save money if you are traveling to Japan.

1) Stop Going to Konbini (コンビニ @ Convenience Store)

Yes, stop doing that! I don't know why people so obsess with Japan's konbini. I would prefer to go to 100 yen shop which is more tempting~ hahah

Kat Malaysia sekarang kan ada Family Mart baru buka, aku tak paham apahal sampai nak beratur bagai masa 1st day opening. Kat sini lengang je ( Senyum berlagak ^_^)

Ok here is the reason:

i) Most people go to Konbini to buy Onigiri or drink right? The reason is the price is quite expensive. Ala~~ semua orang tau kot. Ok nanti dulu, belum habis lagi, sila scroll lagi.

2) Stop Buying Drink from Vending Machine

Price at Jidouhanbaiki (Vending Machine) much more expensive than Konbini.
Ala~ ini pun orang dah tau la bang! 

3) Start Going to Supa (スパ @ Super Market)

To summarize Supa>Konbini>Jidouhanbaiki. Price in Supa is the lowest among these two.
Unlike in Malaysia, Japan doesn't have promotion like "Buy 1 Free 1", but they do have price promotion and the price is different according to time and day. I think they made this strategy in order to attract people to go to Supa everyday. In Malaysia, most people buy in bulk once in a month.

100% for sure cheap price that u can get is in the bread section.
i) Because of the expiry date, u can get cheap price
ii) Salad with seasoning also offering a price reduction near closing time.
iii) Visit near at closing time. Bare in mind most of the time all sold out already. Every time I went there even though 1 hour early before closing time, all breads sold out.

I made a study on this where visited 2 hours before, the price will be slightly cheap, and 1 hour before closing they change the price and it will be definitely cheap. U will need to berebut with obasan at this time. hahah.

This only apply to fish, chicken, salad with seasoning. I am not sure if this is 100% accurate, because the research was conducted in one Supa only.

4) Don't Buy Instant Rice

Habis kebulur ah bang~ Nak kena nasik-nasik gak. Relax~ Family for sure they will bring their own rice, but for solo travelers or small group travelers, I am sure they will go to Konbini and buy the instant rice. The price is around 200yen to 300yen. Mahal bai~

So here is the solution:
i) Bring your own rice or u can buy 1kg Japanese rice which cost only 600yen+ at the Supa. (Still consider cheap right compare with buying instant rice everyday.
2) How to cook it? Simple, bought a microwave rice cooker and read this blog

Most hostel provide cooking utensil and microwave, so u can cook in advance before going out.

This method only apply for those who have difficulty in having a food outside especially for Muslims.   

Another alternative of Supa if you need to buy drink, go get from drug store (くすり Kusuri). Ala~~ macam Guardian etc 

This is just opinion. Some may think that why be so stingy. If you are using tour guide I don't think u will read this post. Ok bye~

Bread that I bought 73yen only. Melon pan is standard 108yen

One of Japanese type of Kusuri ya

I am lucky to buy this at this price. Normal price range from 150yen to 230yen

See the price~

Mana lagi menggembirakan? Beli air kat Konbini ke atau Supa dengan harga camni? 1 liter satu family ngko buleh minum tau.


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